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IQ Option Review (2020) – Is this Scam Broker

IQ Option Review (2020) – Is this Scam Broker.
Read Before you Try!.
July 4, 2020 By    Binary trading is getting very popular among investor, not only this investor from all sectors are trying to get into binary trading, even a person, who has never done any kind of investment or sort is trying to get into binary trading.
The word ‘Binary’ basically means one or zero, so in Binary options trading there are two options either you can earn some money or you could lose them.

IQ Option Review – The Best Auto Trading Software!

The money or no money option pay some fixed amount of cash if the Option expires in the money while the asset or nothing pays the value of the underlying security.
IQ Option Binary Broker Review.
Product IQ Option    Developer Iqoption Europe Ltd   Review by Shane   Rating 5/5   Verdict Legit Software   Price Min Deposit $10    For doing Binary Trading there are multiple sites available, from which you can do Binary trading but, out of those hundred sites, which one is the best.
which have one the best features.
Which one has the best UI.
These are some of the questions which will come in your mind before you start binary trading, well, in this case, you can go with a site called IQ  Option, which can be said as one of the best sites for doing Binary trading.
It doesn’t matter, you are new to trading or you are someone who is an experienced investor, you can easily start up with this site.

Things to know about IQ Option Binary Trading:

Before getting started you should certain things about this site, which attracts every investor to their site:.

IQ Option site has more than 11 million active users

which is outstanding.

More than 1.5 million trades are done per day in IQ Option

It can be accessed by using any browser, the application can also be downloaded on a PC.

IQ Option site also offers an app

which can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone smartphone.
Beginners can start a website with a demo account with a minimum deposit of 10 $, and after getting some experience, they can upgrade to a premium account.
Users can invest a minimum amount of 1 $ to a maximum amount of 1000 $.
Binary Options Broker site allows you to trade in currencies like USD, AUD, NZD, RUB, CAD, EUR, Yen.
What makes the IQ Option Broker site one of the reputed sites is that the IQ Option site doesn’t take any kind of hidden fees like other Binary trading sites.
Users are also given various promos which can be redeemed and used for that for trading purposes.
The IQ Option site offers a customer support of 24*7 and all the seven days of the week.
The dashboard contains an option called leaderboard, which allows the users to see what other investor are trading, suppose you are following someone who is a master at this and an experienced person at trading, then by using the leaderboard menu,  a user can easily follow the experienced user.
The dashboard also comes with an option which allows the users to get in touch with the recent news of the market so that the users can stay aware what is going in the market and invest more carefully.

Advantages of using IQ Option Broker Site:

The site offers bonus returns of up to 92 %, which is an excellent number for an investor.
Very good and attractive layout which will catch anyone’s attention.

The IQ Option Broker site is regulated by the respected and reputed CYSEC agency

As mentioned before, the site offers 24 /7 customer support and that also all the seven days of the week.
Users are allowed to do a minimum investment of 1 $.
Other than PCs.

The IQ Option Broker site can be accessed from even a smartphone

so a user doesn’t need to sit in front of the computer all the time for monitoring.
The IQ Option broker site offers interactive learning tool which can be used any newbie for learning.
Cons of IQ Option Broker Site:.
Although, the site has got many positive things, but the site also has some cons, and the biggest one is that, even after offering many great features, .

The IQ Option Broker  site doesn’t allow live chat with the customer support

An investor from Japan or from the United States of America cannot use this awesome binary trading site.
Sign up The first thing which you have to do this signing up with the IQ Brokers Site, you just need to fill up a form, after that, a verification is done and then make a deposit of 10 $ to get started, and guess what this is the lowest deposit offered by any broker site.
Tutorial Video A user can also take help of a video, which contains all the details on how to open an account.
#Bonuses They are many bonuses which are too good to be true.
While trading on this site, when you reach some milestone you will receive bonuses.
If you are lucky, you can earn up to 100% bonus, which is just amazing.
The IQ Option broker site also offers 80 % signup bonus.
Account types available in IQ Broker Site.

IQ Option Broker site offers two types of account

like IQ Option Real account, and IQ Option VIP account.

IQ Option Real account: The IQ Option Real Account offers a minimum amount of 10 $

cash back up to 45 % is available, all asset available in the site can be used, weekly Webinars are done, real account users can also enter web brokers trading competitions.
For getting a VIP account, an investor needs to make a deposit of 1000 $, cashback of 60% bonus are given, a user can join in a VIP webinars, VIP users can get a bonus of 100%, a VIP account holder is also given a personal account manager.
Looking to Invest in Bitcoin’s Profitably.
Checkout IQ Option Platform.
Join IQ Option Crypto Free Demo Account – Start Crypto Trading With Free $10,000 !.
After reading all these things, you can easily understand why IQ Option Broker site has become so popular and getting more and more users every day, users are given access to various webinars, through which they can learn a lot of new things.
Till now, no other Broker’s site has not been able to match their payout and rebate ratios.
As said before no other site allows a user to start with a deposit of $10.
The IQ Option Broker  offers a very good customer support available 24/7 hours and 7 days of a week, premium users are also given a personal manager, which is outstanding.
It is quite impossible that any investor will be disappointed or regret after doing trading with the IQ Option Broker site.
IQ Option      $10.

Summary  IQ Option is Legit Broker

The site has more than 11 million active users & More than 1.5 million trades are done per day.
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IQ Option Review (2020) – Is this Scam Broker.
Read Before you Try.
is one such popular product that works wonders for people.
According to 87% German Users claim as positive results.
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