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Note that you need a revision 301 GraphStudioNext or later

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Posted on   by                             DirectShowSpy: Restore default system behavior

Posted on April 27, 2016April 27, 2016  by             There was a problem reported for registered and relocated DirectShowSpy, .

Which might be causing issues: Deleting faulty DirectShowSpy registry key

Some users that use a 3rd party tool called DirectShowSpy may encounter errors when logging in to XSplit.
This can be caused by a fault registry key that is introduced when DirectShowSpy is registered to…  Read the full article               DirectShowSpy: REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG with IMMDevice::Activate.
Posted on April 21, 2016April 22, 2016  by             A DirectShow developer complained on sudden failure of Core Audio IMMDevice::Activate call supposed to instantiate a DirectShow filter for a given device.
The problem appeared to be related to installed DirectShowSpy and its interference with the API calls.
The symptom was of the following kind: when Activate was called for different types of objects.

The…  Read the full article               DirectShowSpy: Automated Media Sample Traces

Load Trace from File.
Posted on April 17, 2016April 18, 2016  by             Some time ago DirectShowSpy received a capability to record media sample traces (in specific points of the pipeline).
DirectShowSpy UI visualized the chronology of the streaming which facilitated detection of various problems, especially out of order media samples, lost or late delivered samples, thread racing conditions.
A developer can easily integrate his filters with DirectShowSpy…  Read the full article               DirectShowSpy: Media Sample Traces.
Posted on May 29, 2015March 13, 2018  by             Overview DirectShow filters pass media samples (portions of data) through graphs and details of how the streaming happens exactly is important for debugging and troubleshooting DirectShow graphs and development.
A developer needs clear understanding of parts of streaming process, importance of which increases with multiple streams, threads, parallelization, cut-off times, multiple graphs working simultaneously.
Details…  Read the full article               DirectShow Spy: Integration with GraphStudioNext.
Posted on January 12, 2014January 12, 2014  by             DirectShow Spy is introducing integration with GraphStudioNext (and GraphEdit too) to let a developer quickly open a filter graph through Running Object table with external inspection tool.
Note that you need a revision 301 GraphStudioNext or later, prebuilt versions available for download here: graphstudionext.exe (Win32), graphstudionext64.exe (x64).
DirectShow Filter Graph list window offers context menu items and hotkeys to…  Read the full article            ← Older Posts                                                                                                           Theme:  by Danny Cooper.


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