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just remove the “/” from your OU name

Saturday, September 05, 2020.
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service cannot add AD machine account during Machine Catalog update.
Here are more details    Working on a Machine Catalog and trying to add VDA failed with the following error message:         A case has been opened with Citrix and after multiple exchange and review by Dev, I was told that this is a bug due to a specific thing.
In fact, the customer has a “/” character in the OU name where the VDAs should be created and this makes the AD machine creation failling.

If we specify an OU in an LDAP path like “OU=DesktopVDAs / XenDesktop”

the forward slash will make the whole thing fail.
Solution is the escape forward slashes in the path however, .

Within Studio it’s currently not possible for customer to do it

Another solution I found is that you can manually create the VDAs in your AD OU and after just use the option Use existing Active Directory accounts         I also think that using PoSH script could help but I did not test it.
So if you have this type of issue.

No need to call Citrix or create a support case

just remove the “/” from your OU name.

The weird thing is my case is that the OU was renamed and customer never told me …

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