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Press Release Published: 08/11/2020More training

All Articles.
All Articles         The Service Mesh Wars: Why Istio might not be favorite after all.

Blog Published: 09/03/2020By Gadi Naor

CTO and Co-Founder, AlcideThese days, more organizations are shifting to cloud-native applications, which are designed to run in the cloud and take advantage of the cloud’s dynamic, scalable and readily-available nature.
Typically, cloud-native application architectures are made up.
​Get Quantum Ready.

Blog Published: 09/02/2020By Maëva Ghonda

Co-Chair, CSA Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group and Leighton Johnson, Member, CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices GroupBlockchain transactions rely on the strength of the “hash” process for integrity control.
What happens when this “ha.
SSO and the Road to Passwordless.

Blog Published: 09/01/2020By Dave Lewis

Advisory CISO — Global at DuoWe’ve all heard the phrase “every journey starts with a single step.” While this might seem obvious on the face of it, we can often feel pressure to immediately arrive at our destination.
Discussions around passwordless often are too simplistic or too co.
Quantum-Safe Blockchain.

Blog Published: 08/28/2020By Maëva Ghonda

Co-Chair, CSA Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Working GroupBlockchain technologies are expected to generate more than $3 trillion annually in the next several years—by 2030.[1] The promise of blockchain is a self-contained decentralized ledger system that enables sec.
Shared Responsibility Model Explained.
Blog Published: 08/26/2020By CloudPassageCloud service providers adhere to a shared security responsibility model, which means your security team maintains some responsibilities for security as you move applications, data, containers, and workloads to the cloud, while the provider takes some responsibility, but not all.
3 Ways to Overcome Challenges in Vendor Risk Management.
Blog Published: 08/25/2020Written by WhisticOne of the most significant catalysts for the shift from reactive to proactive vendor security was the change in the way organizations do business and handle data and information.
The Changing SaaS LandscapeInfoSec is one of the latest industries to hop on the SaaS train, but it.
Cloud Security Alliance’s CASB Survey Finds Nearly 70% House Their Most Sensitive Data in Microsoft SharePoint Online/OneDrive.

Blog Published: 08/25/2020By Tim Choi

Director of Product Marketing for ProofpointCOVID-19 changed everything overnight.
The traditional perimeter is gone and the things that were planned years in the future—like cloud migration—had to be fast tracked.
This sudden shift is the latest evidence that organizatio.
Enabling Data Protection and Compliance in the G Suite Environment.

Blog Published: 08/21/2020By Matt Hines

VP of Marketing at CipherCloud & Ishani Sircar, Product Marketing Manager at CipherCloudThe Rise of G Suite and Related Data Security ChallengesWith over 2 billion active users and a market share of 56.97 percent, G Suite is here to stay nd help enable today’s businesses to tac.
Cloud Security Alliance Releases Perspective on Cloud Risk Management Report That Identifies Cloud Computing Rapid Adoption Gaps and Risks.
Press Release Published: 08/20/2020Document provides impartial look at risk by identifying, examining gaps introduced over the last decade by rapid adoption of cloud computingSEATTLE – Aug.
20, 2020 – The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications and best practi.
SaaS Security Series: Understanding Salesforce Administrative Permissions.

Blog Published: 08/19/2020Brian Soby

CTO & Co-founder of AppOmniToday, more than ever, SaaS applications drive the modern enterprise.
They are relied upon for managing customer data, allowing internal collaboration, and keeping organizations connected across the world.
As the amount of sensitive and business-critical.
Can Passwordless Authentication Be Trusted?.
Blog Published: 08/17/2020By J.
Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO for Duo SecurityEvery new feature we introduce to our users is potentially a new tactic we provide our adversaries.
When I was learning to drive, this happened with car steering wheel locks.
Do you remember these.
Big bars people would put on their steering.
Cloud Security Alliance, ISACA Announce Strategic Partnership to Reinvent Cloud Auditing and Assurance.
Press Release Published: 08/17/2020Organizations to collaborate on joint venture to bring the Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) to the marketSEATTLE – Aug.
17, 2020 – Global technology association ISACA and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifica.
Security of the Blockchain.

Blog Published: 08/14/2020Authors: Maëva Ghonda

CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices Group Leader Enterprise agility is the new standard.
New products are now launched at a pace that is crippling supply chains.
Therefore, enterprise innovations must be disruptive.
To enable disruptive innovations, we n.
How to secure DevOps.

Blog Published: 08/12/2020By Andrey Pozhogin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hybrid Cloud Security at KaperskySupply-chain attacks through public repositories have become more frequent of late.
Here’s how to deal with them.
Last month, IT news websites reported that RubyGems, the official channel for distributing librar.
Cloud Security Alliance Study Finds While CASB Demand Is High, Additional Education Is Needed to Clarify Cloud Security Goals.
Press Release Published: 08/11/2020More training, clear goals are needed to ensure companies get full effectiveness of cloud security access broker productsSEATTLE – Aug.
11, 2020 – The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications and best practices to help ensure.
What Schrems 2 Means for your Privacy Shield Program.

Blog Published: 08/10/2020By Francoise Gilbert

CEO, DataMinding, Inc.
The publication of the EU Court of Justice decision in the Schrems 2 case has left many organizations, worldwide, facing a difficult dilemma.
What to do next to ensure the continuity of personal data flows from the European Union or European Economic Ar.
You’ve passed your SOX audit, but is your cloud environment really secure?.

Blog Published: 08/10/2020By Petrina Youhan

Director of Channel Partnerships and Services at HyperproofMany organizations believe their cloud environment is secure because they passed their Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) audit, but passing an audit doesn’t necessarily mean that your cloud environment is secure.
Cloud environments.
Compliance is the Equal and Opposite Force to Digital Transformation…that’s where DevOps comes in.
Blog Published: 08/07/2020By J.
Travis Howerton, Co-Founder and CTO, C2 Labs.
This blog is shortened version of the original blog published by C2.
For the full length post go here.
Digital transformation will reshape all businesses, large and small, over the next decade and beyond; driven by the convergence of major techno.
A Better Than Remote Chance – More People Work from Home in Post COVID World.

Blog Published: 08/05/2020By Matt Hines

VP of Marketing at CipherCloud & Neeraj Nayak, Sr.
Product Marketing Manager at CipherCloudSummary: New research underlines the fact that more people will likely prefer to work from home, even when the pandemic passes.
Security models that better address cloud apps, mobility an.
Upending Old Assumptions in Security.
Blog Published: 08/03/2020By Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs at DuoEvery time you think you’ve figured out this risk management thing, something else happens to torpedo your hidden assumptions.
Remember when we assumed that an IP address was a pretty good indicator of someone’s physical location and origin, so a netw.
Looking for the CCM?.
Start using the Cloud Controls Matrix to simplify compliance with multiple standards & regulations.
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